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A World War 2 Trilogy

By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)

Galdir I & II & III

The Warlord's Trilogy 

Book I

Galdir - A Slave's Tale 

A tale of love, brutal battles and conflict, in which a mystical prophecy winds its way through an epic saga of struggle against Rome, and the consequences of resistance by the Frankish people, its Warlord and its  


"Highly Commended" in the Yeovil Literary Prize 2011

Galdir - Rebel of the North 

A dark tale of Celtic mysticism, grief and battle..

Although Galdir regards himself as a free man, he is still enslaved by his past - and his future. Unable to throw off the yoke of prediction, embittered by the defeat of his nation which has been annexed by Rome, and forced to serve the Roman Emperor as an auxiliary commander of cavalry on Hadrian's Wall, he faces increasingly fierce attacks from hostile Celtic tribes north of the Wall.

But in Galdir's volatile world such a precarious situation could never last for long. "Rebel of the North" takes us to a divided nation north of Hadrian's Wall, where Galdir joins forces with Cimbri mercenaries, falls in love with a Celtic Princess, and hears a disturbing prophecy of battle and leadership - a prophecy which foretells of a Germanic warrior who will unite the feuding Northern tribes and drive the seemingly unstoppable Roman forces out of their land.

"Rebel of the North" continues the epic tale of Galdir - slave, barbarian, mercenary and Warlord

Galdir – Protector of Rome 

Galdir, Warlord of the Franks who are now an annexed nation, returns to Rome. It is his only hope of persuading the Senate to rescind the Roman fetters that hold his people. In Rome, Commodus, the Emperor commands him to be his bodyguard. Hoping to be rewarded with the freedom of his people, Galdir serves the Emperor but at the cost of his Germanic nature and loyalty. Tolerating the madness that is Commodus and side-stepping the political maelstrom Galdir finds his divided loyalties tear at his very soul. When the Empire is threatened by a new Germanic alliance, he must fight to protect a mad emperor and fight his own people in a cataclysmic battle to end all opposition to Rome. 

 Galdir IV - Oath breaker

Cover to come:

193 A.D. – the year of the Five Emperors and the Empire is thrust into turmoil when Commodus is murdered. Galdir One-Hand the Warlord of the Franks rules a nation of women and adolescents, his own army having been sent to the east of the Empire by Marcus Aurelius. Galdir tries to keep the tribe’s ship afloat but he begins to realise that in the constantly changing Roman world nothing is as it seems and he has to take sides in a desperate gamble to back the right successor to the Imperial Throne. Getting it wrong spells the end of his people and the destruction of the Frankish Nation.

Coming to a kindle near you soon!