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A World War 2 Trilogy

By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)

The French WW2 Series

Five page-turning World War 2 historical fiction books to grab you and make you read on!

A search for absolution.

"... a haunting and bittersweet novel that stays with you long after the final chapter – always the sign of a really well-written and praiseworthy story. It would also make an excellent screenplay."

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"The story is brilliantly executed. Fast-paced with short snappy sentences and surprising plot twists, The Cyclist is a real page turner, so much so that I found myself skimming paragraphs just to discover the outcome of certain quandaries."

"a compelling story..... a gritty appealing reality.."

You can read the first two chapters for free on the publisher's website:

Now available in Kindle and paperback

Book 2: Farewell Bergerac

A search for love.

A teacher in St Cyprien, a small town in Aquitaine, France, descends into an alcoholic daze, after his son dies in the Spanish Civil War.

His life seems meaningless and he moves to Bergerac where he survives by poaching and fishing. Isolating himself from the world, he ruminates over his hatred of the Fascists who killed his son. He is dragged back to reality when, after the occupation of France by the Nazis, he witnesses Security Police beating a young Jewish girl. He reacts by killing the Germans and hides Rachelle, the young teenager.

Rachelle breathes life into the world in which he has hidden himself and gives him a reason to go on...

Book 3: Francesca Pascal

Available on Kindle and paperback now! (click here)

A search for closure.

" interesting novel and a good read." - Historical Novels Society Review Feb. 2013

1942, German occupied France: Francesca is an artist, critic, and restorer. Her world falls apart when the German SD shoot her daughter, as they chase a suspect. She drinks and contemplates suicide. The only thing keeping her from ending it all is the germination of a hatred she will carry with her throughout the remainder of the war.At first, she believes there is nothing she can do. When a German General commandeers her apartment in Paris, she is thrust into the street. She tries to take refuge with her gay friend, Charles, editor of a resistance newspaper. The SD are after him for his help to the resistance...

BOOK 4: The Fat Chef

1940, Paris falls to the occupying Germans.

Raoul, fat Executive Head Chef of Le Metro, the top hotel of Paris, is nonchalant. He is content to wait for Pétain to make peace and for everything to return to normal. He wants to get on with life and admire his demi-sous-chef, Natalie with unrequited love.

When the Germans begin to cut out the Jewish staff and finally threaten Natalie, he realises he can no longer ignore what is happening

Hauptmann Schiller, the SD officer who has taken over the hotel, insists upon more German food, and Raoul acquiesces as he hides Jewish members of staff in any nook or cranny he can find in the hotel. In the end, even the wine cellar is occupied by refugees

On the night of a big German military banquet, Schiller discovers Natalie in the kitchen. When Raoul kills him defending his woman, he has to dispose of the body.

He discovers there is more in a chef’s inventory than Béchamel sauce.

Book 5: The Evil That Men Do

If you ever wondered what happened to the soldier who spoke to Francesca Pascal in her basement, this book will tell you!

Not everyone in 1930s Germany toed the Nazi line. For some, like Rolf Schmidt, the dogma and philosophy of the cataclysmic changes taking place caused only revulsion.

After the fall of France he is stationed in Paris, a world of resistance, betrayal and oppression and he has choices to make, men to kill and a woman to win.

The Promise (French WW2 Series Book 6)

Jean, a medical student before the war, finds his sister Rebecca and baby Gabrielle have been deported to Auschwitz. He will do anything to get her back. Can anyone escape from Hell?

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300 pp.

Paperback, 6"x9"

£12.99 GBP / $19.99 USD / €15.99 EUR

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