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A World War 2 Trilogy

By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)

Fred's Blog



Posted on 19 January, 2019 at 23:57
I think sometimes that our problem in Britain is that the voting population is not so bright. Any nation who could vote in three successive Socialist governments in the face of a predictable economic decline cannot be MENSA material. We now seem to lurch from political crisis to political crisis and although we have plenty of politicians (who look forward 5 or less years) we have no statesmen who look ahead generations. There is an Aesop fable which seems to me to demonstrate where we are with our democratically voted Brexit.

 There was once a pond. A family of frogs lived there, happily and with plenty of food. Naturally, frogs from other ponds migrated to their pond – it was a comfortable, if not opulent environment. 

Soon, the pond seemed overcrowded to the original family of frogs and they began to complain. The frogs split into factions, squabbling over resources and their conditions.

Eventually, they realised they needed a leader who could represent them but the squabbles continued and no progress ensued. They prayed every day to Zeus, greatest God of all. They prayed so fervently that Zeus looked down on the troublesome frogs and said, ‘I’ll give you a king. Someone who you can follow, but please stop pestering me with your prayers. You irritate me.’
So saying, Zeus threw down a log into the pond. A big green log that floated on the verdant algae-infested water. To start with the frogs loved their new King. They called him Old King Log. They frolicked jumping from the log into the water and more frogs came from far and wide to see this Great King.

Soon, the frogs began to bicker for nothing had changed in a material, palpable way. The various factions began squabbling again. Eventually they began to pray to Zeus saying, ‘We don’t like this Old King Log any more. He doesn’t do anything, and he just floats on the pond.’

Zeus said, ‘You asked for a king. I gave you one. Now stop disturbing me with your prayers.’

But the frogs continued. They despised Old King Log. They shunned him and even when the sun shone they would no longer sit upon his broad, green reliable back. They kept praying and pestering Zeus for a new king who would move and do things. They prayed to all the Gods, they argued, pestered and they complained. Their prayers became a running sore on Mount Olympus until the Gods begged Zeus to do something with these troublesome frogs.

Zeus heard their prayers. He threw them a snake. The snake, to the dismay of the frogs, gobbled them all up.

The moral: Brexit - be careful what you wish for – your prayers and votes may be answered.

Categories: Politics

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