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A World War 2 Trilogy

By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)

Fred's Blog


Junior Doctor's Strike

Posted on 30 November, 2015 at 17:52

So, haven’t written much for a long time. Been busy – still busy but felt I should comment on the coming junior doctor’s strike. Also want to plug my book THE PROMISE.

Why would any junior doctor want to take industrial action? It’s simple. All of them have spent five years qualifying as doctors – they had to get straight ‘A’s’ at A-level to get into medical school. In the last two years all their friends are earning because most other degrees require only three years of study. Then they have to do a compulsory year working in hospital for a pittance to get GMC registered.

They have to complete a further year as a very junior chap on the team before they can go for specialist training. Then they embark on 7-8 years further training, during which time they are abused by the system and have to work gruelling hours and make serious life-changing decisions for you.
Yes, you – the public.

At the end of all that they then apply for a consultant post. When they qualify, the average age is around 23. Ten to fifteen years later they are in a consultant post. They’ve done all this training to be able to help all their patients. It’s a vocation and not a job. They have given so much by that time they think they are appreciated for saving you lives. Are they?

Now if you have a young family at the age of 27 (say) and you have to work shifts that make you do nights and days reducing your family time to unsocial and limited time. They’re paid far less than the average banker, lawyer or other professional; what would you do with a health Minister who jumps up and vilifies you to the public, forces a contract on you which cuts your pay and makes you work longer unsociable hours and won’t listen to anything you said – well what would you do?

Time and again the juniors have tried to tell that stupid hunt that what he is suggesting isn’t good for the NHS, not good for patients and not rewarding enough for people who have dedicated so much time to be able to provide NHS – public – service. The silly hunt turns his back on them and tries to misinform the public to make doctors look bad. He believes that like Tony Blair with weapons of mass destruction, if you say something in public which is publicised often enough it becomes true in the public’s eyes.

He’s not fooling you is he? Please tell me the public and patients aren’t that stupid? That hunt is trying to bring down the health service so they can substitute a private system which will cost you people money.

Don’t be fooled!

That said, next Tuesday Like my colleagues, I’m covering the ward and hoping I don’t have to put up a drip – haven’t done that for 25 years. Gods! Surely I can do that, can’t I? :-)

Oh yes, please read my book THE PROMISE. It’s a WW2 adventure taking the main character to Bohemia, France, England and Poland. Interestingly, the link to this post is that the main character is a medical student! In the context of the book of course, he isn't on strike!!

I like it – let me know.
Click on the image to buy it on Amazon.

Categories: Grumbles

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Reply Simon Betterton
10:33 on 1 December, 2015 
You'd hope the public understand, but I'm fearful that many are too brainwashed by the right-wing rags.
Reply Katy
16:51 on 5 December, 2015 
Brilliant blog Fred,, telling it exactly as it is, I just don't think Joe Public realises the struggle these Drs go through to fulfill the vocation that they are called to. Well written.
Reply Chris Houghton
3:01 on 22 December, 2015 
These hunts are everywhere and they are fooling a lot of folk with manufactured events of mass distraction. In my eyes, it is clear what is going on.
I grew up with NHS, not a free system as is commonly stated by certain shills for privatizing health care. Yes, NHS health care is rationed based on the urgency of the patient's medical condition. I am now living in a country where medical care is profit driven and is rationed by one's ability to pay. I have experienced both sides and I prefer the NHS model. Do not let them muck up the NHS, but do return it to its former glorious state. And the dedicated doctors and nurses must be treated with respect and paid properly for their service.
Reply Arm Pain Treatment
7:35 on 23 February, 2016 
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Reply feltrash
11:43 on 31 January, 2022