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A World War 2 Trilogy

By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)

Fred's Blog


An Insulting Budget

Posted on 20 March, 2014 at 3:56
What does the coalition think they are doing? I thought when I saw the campaign poster they were joking. A penny off beer and Bingo. Helping hard-working people to do what they enjoy??? The concept is so insulting to the average working man in Britain the mind boggles.
I hadn't realised how out of touch and unintelligent the conservatives had become until I saw that. To label working class people in that way is not only an insult, it's a way of underestimating their intelligence.
I can't see how insulting the electorate will help win an election. At first I thought it was one of those Facebook jokes created as a parody to illustrate how uncaring and out of touch the present government has become.
Think about it. For many the choice between eating and heating is a very real one over a cold winter. To help, these bozos think you'll vote for them if they offer one penny off something you can't afford anyway.
George Orwell paints a picture in '1984' of a proletariat that will never change whatever government is in power and that the strength of a nation rests in their hands. In that book the 'workers' discuss the size of their beer glasses as if it is all they care about. It is as patronising and short sighted as the present government's recent budget.
There's more - encourage saving. Suppose saving increases dramatically. They tax you on the interest and your income from saving won't keep pace with the RPI (retail price index). So you will lose money and they will take it.
It's gone and so is your life-long supplement to the state pension. The clever thing is the pain won't happen for a few years. The Conservatives might be popular in the short term for the pension release but they will damage people's long-term finances through this. Once your money is out of the pension envelope, it will earn interest and they can tax it. Clever aren't they?
With this budget they are waving two fingers in the air at the working classes. They don't need / want their votes anyway. With Scotland separated a swathe of labour voters disappear. They'll probably like that too.
Who would I vote for? I wouldn't trust the Labour party either. They are economically incompetent and their massive wastage of money for 13 years is what got us into this mess (not just the banking crisis) and they won't nationalise energy either (which is the only way to really help people).
How about the Monster Raving Looney party? They look pretty attractive to me nowadays, but maybe they are in power at the moment?

Categories: Grumbles

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