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A World War 2 Trilogy

By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)

Fred's Blog


Doctor's Strike

Posted on 24 June, 2012 at 2:27 Comments comments (217)
The BMA called on us all to take industrial action. About a third of GP surgeries supported the day’s inaction. Some Hospital Consultants also agreed to attend work but do no routine activities. Why?
The facts:
·       In 2008,the BMA had talks with the government and reached an agreement over doctor’spensions. Neither side was particularly happy with the pension plans but it went ahead anyway. It raised the pensionable age for doctors and reduced pension payments too.
·       The medical pensions have never cost the taxpayer a single penny. It is the only scheme in which the worker’s contributions fund the pension pay-outs for retired members.
·       The NHS doctor’s pensions raise 2 billion pounds each year for the Exchequer. They cream off the entire sum for their own squandering. It doesn’t go back into thepension pot. The Government just takes it.
·       The Government refuses to negotiate. This comes at a time when they have doubled the pension contributions of some doctors.
·       The existing new changes will make the present generation of young doctors worse off and force them to work until they are 68.
·       Politicians won’t experience much of a change in their contributions. And believe me, you the taxpayers are funding their pensions. Doctor’s pensions don’t cost the British taxpayer one single farthing (yes, I really am that old!).
Someone said we’re all in this together. Looks to me as if some of us are in this more than others.
As for the strike – well the BMA are a weak group of conservative politicos who couldn’t organisea revel in a brewery. Doctors will never stick together. If all of them resigned at once, it would be over in a day.
Me? Well I support the industrial action but had three urgent operations to do, so I didn’tleave the hospital until early evening. You could suggest I didn’t support my colleagues but frankly, Neurosurgery is mainly dealing with people who may die or are in severe pain. The purest form of industrial action would be for GP’s to refuse to do any non-urgent paperwork until the Government capitulates. It’s the GP’s who have the power after all.
Bottom line – I now find myself paying a lot more just before I retire. I was already paying an excess and now they’ve reduced my pension and made me work an extra five years.Do you really want a 68-year-old opening your head in the middle of the night to do intricate brain surgery when he’s already done a full day’s work and will have another full day the next day? Unless you do, you should support the Medical Profession in this matter. We’ve been looking after you from ‘cradle to the grave’ and have sworn an oath to continue to do so however much you abuse us.
Thanks very much, the British Press. Kick here….

iPhone 5

Posted on 12 February, 2012 at 2:41 Comments comments (347)
It seems that if you're buying an iPhone 4S, maybe you should consider waiting for this summer or possibly the autumn before changing phones. The new iPhone 5 is due out, with a bigger screen and a slighly increased length and width. It is a diffent aesthetically portrayed iPhone.
For my part, I'm going to wait. You?